DyRec's lyrical skills and desire for "good" music will force you to listen to the lyrical content instead of just responding to the hook and the beat! DyRec is driven to create music that brings back the classic art of Hip Hop to the forefront. 


As I continue on my journey "in this tree" of this INDUSTRY of entertainment, I am realizing that many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up... I will continue to keep GOD first and grind! Stay true y'all. Follow me on Instagram @iamdyrec and Twitter @DyRec for more on my journey. 

Rippin' it up at "Ripped Radio Network"

That last few weeks have been quite nice. I was able to get some air time with "Flood the Block Radio show" and had a blast with the crew. Great group of people. Will definitely make a visit there for more fun and good times. 

On a serious note, with everything going down with the death Freddy Gray and the Baltimore Riots, I also had an opportunity to co-host with Sarah Keys on "Drunk and Disorderly". We shut down the network and focused on the issues of todays justice system and also took on callers to see how they felt about events that are taking place. What are your thoughts? 

The Music Industry?

The music industry, the first media business to be consumed by the digital revolution. The music industry is also starting to change in perception as well. Rock & Roll, Country, Jazz & Blues, R&B and even Rap/ Hip Hop has a new face. It is no longer a certain "type" of people that delves in certain genre of music. Is this Good or Bad? Many have become upset about the change. Some are welcoming it? What do you think?