DyRec's lyrical skills and desire for "good" music will force you to listen to the lyrical content instead of just responding to the hook and the beat! DyRec is driven to create music that brings back the classic art of Hip Hop to the forefront. 




As one of the top 10 finalists for the Next New Artist on Fox Network’s #1 hit drama series, EMPIRE, DyRec’s lyrical skills and desire for “good” music grew stronger as a result of the exposure to timeless classic hits.  

As a teenager, DyRec was dedicated to developing his talent as a lyricist, songwriter, and composer and earned the respect and recognition from regional music producers, promoters, and record labels. A graduate of Bowie State University, DyRec received his bachelor’s in Broadcast Communications, His reputation for being a serious artist was established immediately after performing at local and campus events.

DyRec’s original music is often compared to artists like Common, Black Thought, Talib Kweli, and L.L. Cool J.  The magic happens in the studio.  Many producers consider working with DyRec special because of his ability to focus, find his inspiration, and make great music with a producer’s beat.  Simply play a beat and DyRec develops the lyrics and the hook on the spot and begins recording immediately.

DyRec’s catalog of original music consists of an intimate depiction of past experiences, deepest thoughts, and testimonies of overcoming life’s obstacles. He is driven to make music that brings back the classic art of hip-hop to the forefront. He recognizes the positive impact he can make with his music and finds inspiration in his ability to make a difference in the lives of those who haven’t discovered their path or purpose. Currently, he is working with producers Tone JonezTynz, D. Blunt, R. Moore and Izzy Lemons, to name a few. DyRec also has two hit singles now available at iTunes.

Be sure to check out the latest releases from DyRec and connect with him on Instagram: @iamdyrec and Twitter: @DyRec.